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World's Most Popular Golf Wagering Game with Over 100,000 Sold

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Custom Logo Games are also Available

Buy It for Yourself

Any golfer, regardless of skill level makes mistakes, miss hits, bad reads, poor course management decisions, and the like. The objective of playing Animal Golf® is the same as playing any round of golf: to HAVE FUN, to play well, avoiding course hazards and pitfalls of the game.

Give the Gift of Fun

From tee to green on every hole, this Great American Golf Game has Penalties for unlucky play and Rewards for good play. It contains the most comprehensive set of situations conceivable. Over time playing Animal Golf® should help strengthen one's course management skills, overall knowledge and love of the game.  

Custom Logo Orders

Golf balls wind up in the water or lost. Towels get thrown away. No one reads a golf tee.  Box Sets with YOUR LOGO are pad printed in the USA, on the front side, top right, of each Game Tag.  These Animal Golf® Game Tags get played with YOUR LOGO IN PLAIN SIGHT, again and again...for years!

THE Greatest On-Course Game Ever Conceived

 Suitable for ALL AGES and SKILL LEVELS

Even our PGA Tour Pros make these Top 12 mistakes every week:

• The Gorilla - for any errant shot that lands Out-of-Bounds

• The Turtle - for that mishit tee shot short of Ladies' Tee (men), short of fairway (ladies)

• The Duck - for that massive hook or slice that results in your ball winding up on the wrong hole

• The Frog - for hitting your ball into a water hazard

• The Armadillo - when your golf ball bounces or ricochets off a cart path, rock, or other solid object

• The Woodpecker - a solid, loud hit onto a tree, someone's house, fence, or other wooden object

• The Alligator - The Unplayable Lie (anytime your ball is not playable where it lies, other than in a water hazard)

The Camel - for any shot that comes to rest in a sand trap

• The Gopher - The Lost ball (anywhere in bounds other than in a water hazard)

• The Chicken - for making that great putt that's tracking to the hole perfectly... BUT you leave it just short

• The Snake - for 3-putting a green, or worse

• The Skunk - Excessive strokes: Triple bogey or higher. Bad bad hole. Forget. Move to next.

... YES, its quite possible to commit two or more errors resulting from the same stroke!

Player(s) with the fewest Game Tags at the end of play WIN the game, and likely post the lowest scores. 

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